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Name : Its Latin name is Brassica oleracea var. botrytis.

Habitat : The Romanesco cauliflower’s family, the Brassicaceae, is Italian. It is named after the city
of Rome.

Size : A Romanesco cauliflower is about 45 centimeters high.

Way of life : It reproduces by seeds or seedlings. This vegetable takes three months to grow, after
which it can be harvested before its flowers open. The Romanesco cauliflower prefers to grow up
in the sun right after winter so as not to be damaged by the cold.


The Romanesco cauliflower first appeared in Europe during the Middle Ages. During the end of the
20th century it has become increasingly popular among the French. How can you resist this (not
so) little green cauliflower? While looking at this cauliflower, it’s the shape of its head that is most
striking. In fact, all the bouquets of Romanesco cauliflower look alike. When all the structures of an
object look alike, it is called fractality.
This phenomenon explained by a particular phyllotaxy, with a divergence angle that tends towards
the golden ratio!
In addition to being tasty, the Romanesco cauliflower (like all his little cabbage cousins) has many
beneficial properties for our organism: it is rich with minerals and vitamin C. It is thanks to its
composition that its virtues for our body and especially for our immune system are so numerous.

Written by Marie Ulmann
Translated by Nour El Ghazal

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